Most beers taste gross, any suggestions?

Answer if you are trying them out of a can and don't like them, try drinking from a bottle. It tastes different because the metal doesn't 'leach' into the beer. Try a light beer, like Miller light or bu... Read More »

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Why does meat taste so gross to me lately?

That happened to me too. Eggs and certain meat. I have become very picky and can't stand how certain things taste, mostly meat and eggs. Our bodies are always changing, even our taste buds. Plus, w... Read More »

Why does my coffee taste so gross all of the sudden?

it may have been steeped too long. or it was sitting for a while while you were working, and it just became bitter.

Something that stops a sore throat and doesn't taste gross?

I heard that marshmallows can work? Also, icecream (yum!).

Some movie suggestions based on my current taste?

Untamed HeartA Walk in The CloudsUnder the Tuscan SunChocolateMust Like DogsThe Secret of NHIMThe Usual SuspectsLeonThe Thomas Crown AffairThe Descendants The PeacemakerTrue LiesThe VillageEternal ... Read More »