Most annoying tv commercial?

Answer Do you remember this one from 1979, it was so annoying it achieved 'cult' status and quadrupled sales in the ten years it was televised.…

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What's the most annoying commercial on tv?

Jitter bug, Jitter bug.....Jitter BUhhh Uhhhg!

What do you think is the most annoying commercial on TV?

I hate the new volkswaggon commercials where they say "you cant have the same car as me." Its bad advertising.

Most Annoying Comedian?

defo Russel Brand, and Ricky Gervais. I don't like their idea of being 'funny', it doesn't make me laugh anyway, just pisses me off.

Most annoying celebs of 06?

1-paris hilton she is a retard.2-kate moss she gets caught doing drugs and now her career is better than ever? uh!?3-nikki from big brother she has to be fake no irl of that age really behaves like... Read More »