Most Reliable Office Copiers?

Answer A reliable copier is necessary in today's office environment. Numerous companies manufacture office copiers, also known as MFPs, multifunctional products. Finding quality copiers among all the avai... Read More »

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The Best Free DVD Copiers?

DVD copiers work by converting DVD programming to other formats such as VCD, MP3, WMV, MP3, iPod and PSP formats for use with other electronic devices. In addition, DVD copiers can back up DVD pro... Read More »

The Common Problems With Copiers?

Office copy machines have often been depicted as troublesome, unreliable and frustrating devices in comic strips, TV shows and through general office discussions. While some copy machines are unrel... Read More »

Is there a difference between laser jet and copiers?

Differences between a laser printer and a photocopier/printer......well, it depends on the device. In your statement you say they both use toner, which essentially means the ones you're looking at ... Read More »

Why do printers/copiers warm-up?

It has to do with how it works...Toner is a fine carbon powder, the machine makes a 'static' charge on the paper of the data to be printed.The toner 'jumps' onto the paper where the charge is.The F... Read More »