Most Reliable Automatic Transmissions?

Answer The most popular transmission in the United States for over half a century, automatic transmissions are increasingly standard on all vehicles. General Motors was the first manufacturer to produce f... Read More »

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About Automatic Transmissions?

Basically, an automatic transmission or AT contains a series of gears in different sizes that work in combination to multiply engine turning power and speed to fit different driving conditions. Com... Read More »

Automatic transmissions - What are the D2 and D1 gears for?

it is just a manual override to prevent the transmission from shifting into a higher gear.... commonly used for downhill grades with a small or moderate load or trailer that helps prevent the brake... Read More »

How to Remove C6 Automatic Transmissions?

Ford's C6 automatic transmission is a heavy-duty, three-speed transmission with an aluminum case. Ford used the C6 transmission in almost all vehicles equipped with a 351 cubic inch engine starting... Read More »

How to Identify GM Automatic Transmissions?

GM has manufactured several types of transmissions over the years. If you need one for a project, knowing what you've got comes in handy. Identifying a GM automatic transmission can be done with a ... Read More »