Most Popular Men's Shoes?

Answer The most popular men's shoes can be broken into categories, such as dress, casual and athletic shoes. The number of shoes a man purchases from each category depends on his lifestyle and the activit... Read More »

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Which NCAA mens basketball team has the most wins in history?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats have the most NCAA men's basketball wins in history. The Wildcats were the first team to win 2,000 games, ending the 2009-2010 season with 2,023 victories. Kentu... Read More »

Popular Shoes in the 90s?

"Chunky" is the best way to describe the '90s shoe fashion trends. The 1990s took the classic shoe to a whole new level. What were thought to be outdated "platform" shoes were re-born into one of G... Read More »

Popular Sports Shoes in the Late 80s?

Throughout much of the '80s, a few brands of sneakers such as Vans and Keds for girls became the must-have shoe of the moment. By the late '80s, though, the sports shoe was king for both guys and g... Read More »

When were saddle shoes popular?

Saddle shoes were first introduced in the early 1900s and marketed as an athletic shoe. Also known as Saddle Oxfords and worn with stylish poodle skirts, the saddle shoe reached the height of its p... Read More »