Most Influential Civilizations of All Time?

Answer Much of modern life is defined by the contributions of several great civilizations throughout history. Aspects of modern science, governmental structure and more are owed to some of those ancient c... Read More »

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Basic Characteristics of Civilizations?

The rise and fall of civilizations remain a primary focus of archaeologists and historians. Their investigations have revealed that the appearance of every civilization and its reason for collapse ... Read More »

How to Play Dice Civilizations?

Dice civilizations is a paper game where you start with a town and slowly try to conquer the world by taking over towns. Like the sound of it? Well, if you do, read on!

How to Make Your Own Map & Timeline of Ancient World Civilizations?

If you have an interest in ancient history or are taking a history class, creating a map and a timeline are two fun and simple activities that you can do in your own home for schoolwork, extra cred... Read More »

How did mycenaean art influence classical greek civilizations?

The Greek city of Mycenae gave its name to the Myceneaen period that ran from 1600 to 1100 BC. This was a period of art and wealth that influenced the classical Greek civilization centuries later.M... Read More »