Most Fragrant Shrubs?

Answer Gardeners frequently choose to enhance the appeal of their landscaping by planting shrubs known for their fragrances. Many aromatic shrubs can be found at local nurseries. Some varieties offer ye... Read More »

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Fragrant Flowering Evergreen Shrubs?

Shrubs with fragrant flowers are a pleasure in the garden, especially when they are planted in just the right place. Plant them near decks, porches, patios and entryways where their fragrance can b... Read More »

How many fragrant flowers are there?

More than 250,000 flowering plants, or angiosperms, thrive throughout the planet Earth. Of these hundreds of thousands of varieties, several possess individual scent variations. Although the exact ... Read More »

What is the name of fragrant gardenias?

Gardenia jasminoides, also known as Gardenia augusta, is a bush famous for its dark, waxy-looking leaves and sweet-smelling white flowers. In the United States, gardenia jasminoides are commonly fo... Read More »

Source of a Fragrant Oil?

Fragrant oils or fragrance oils, also known as perfume oils, are the ingredient that gives perfumes and colognes their scent. They are also used to add scent to soap, candles and lotions, among oth... Read More »