Most Common Mascot for Colleges?

Answer College students who attend sporting events at their school are continually urged to increase their energy level by cheerleaders, the scoreboard and fellow fans. However, the team's mascot provides... Read More »

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What is the most common mascot used in Texas high schools?

There are hundreds of mascots used in Texas high schools. The most common mascot is the tiger, according to the Alan Outlook. Other popular mascots in Texas high schools are lions, eagles and bulld... Read More »

What are the most common and most unusual plants in place where you live?

I believe this one is pretty close to the top, if not #1…although, I've read we have the last samples in all of Canada of the Western Prairie White Fringed... Read More »

What is the most common color that appears in most of the world's flags?

The color red appears most frequently on flags worldwide, being used in 74 percent of all the world's national flags. White comes in second place with 71 percent and blue comes in third with 50 per... Read More »

If one is allergic to cats dogs and most other things that cause common allergies is it likely they would be allergic to common house birds?

Allergies to birds? It depends on whether you are allergic to feathers and/or the dust that comes off when they preen and shake.You should go to the doctor and get a test done. Until then be cautio... Read More »