Most Absorbent Materials?

Answer Science has created extremely absorbent materials; two good examples are sodium polyacrylate, a powder, and an extraordinary material called aerogel, which appears to resemble frozen smoke. Nature... Read More »

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Is cotton absorbent?

Cotton is used in several products intended to absorb moisture or liquid. Some examples include cotton balls, cotton diaper inserts, and in certain surgical applications where absorbency is needed.... Read More »

Which bathroom tissue is most absorbent?

On One Hand: Cottonelle Ultra Is The Best Cottonelle ProductCottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper is the most absorbent toilet paper of the three Cottonelle products. This brand is available in big roll, d... Read More »

How to Make New Towels More Absorbent?

Have you ever noticed that new towels seem to repel water, rather than absorb it? Usually, it takes many trips through the washing machine for a towel to get more absorbent, but these tips will hel... Read More »

Is microfiber more absorbent than terry cloth?

Microfiber, a hybrid of polyester and polyamide, is more absorbent than a typical terry cloth. Microfiber was designed to be softer and last longer than terry cloth. The polyester makes the microfi... Read More »