Moss Removal From Sidewalk?

Answer Moss is a common problem on outdoor surfaces, such as driveways, walls and sidewalks. The non-flowering plant can trap moisture between itself and your sidewalk causing deterioration overtime. Sinc... Read More »

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Safe Moss Removal?

Moss, a small, leafy plant that grows in clumps, thrives in moist, shaded areas. Pavement cracks, crevices in brick or stone walls and roof shingles are ideal spots for moss to grow. Avoiding commo... Read More »

Chemicals for Moss Removal?

Iron sulfates, copper sulfates and lime can help you chemically control your lawn moss. A chemical called glyphosate, found in the product a variety of herbicide products is helpful in controlling ... Read More »

Moss & Lichen Removal?

Moss and lichens generally thrive in damp climates with little sunlight and poor drainage. Unlike moss, lichens spread slowly and don't generally harm surfaces. Moss, however, rapidly spreads and e... Read More »

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal?

When your home is shaded or if you live in a damp or wet climate, moss may gather on the roof. The moss covers the roof tiles and traps moisture, which causes wood rot and erodes the asphalt in shi... Read More »