Answer Tea tree oil is great; the smell is a bit strong, but the benefits outweigh the smell...if you have already been bitten, it is a natural antiseptic, and it also dissuades the hungry mosquito from d... Read More »

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Do wasps eat mosquitos?

No, wasps are typically known to eat insects such as spiders, caterpillars, ants, bees and flies inside of which they are typically born. However, paper wasps, which are most common, can only drink... Read More »

Why don't mosquitos bite me ?

Youre complaining?Its the female Mosquito that does the biting and they use a combination of body heat (to sense where the blood passes close under the skin) and smell.IF you eat a lot of garlic or... Read More »

A question about mosquitos!?

Repellants actually don't repel, they just make you "invisible" to the mosquitos by masking your body heat. There aren't any ways to keep mosquitos away in a natural environment.

Can mosquitos transmit aids?

No.Read the article below from…Why Mosquitoes Cannot Transmit AIDSby Wayne J. Crans, Associate Research Professor in EntomologyRutgers Cooperative Extensi... Read More »