Mosquito like bite turning into rash. ?

Answer Apply some vitamin E oil to the rash. If it is itching a lot, apply cortisone cream.

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I have a weird rash around a mosquito bite! i'm freaking out.?

I would say it's from scratching it so much. Try putting some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball, tissue or paper towel and holding it on the spot for a while. See if that helps some. If not then go ... Read More »

Why is my mosquito bites turning into a bruise.....?

Its an allergic reaction to the bite, you should maybe take an anti histamine like Piriton or benadryl .

Mosquito bite turned into Zit?

Mosquitos suck blood from other humans and animals. So you will get bacteria from whomever or what the mosquito was feeding off of last. That is how Malaria and many other viruses such as Encepha... Read More »

My mosquito bite has turnEd into a boil ?

i would think clean it out and put alcohol on it.please find out what you are allergic to.