Mosquito bite turned into Zit?

Answer Mosquitos suck blood from other humans and animals. So you will get bacteria from whomever or what the mosquito was feeding off of last. That is how Malaria and many other viruses such as Encepha... Read More »

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My mosquito bite has turnEd into a boil ?

i would think clean it out and put alcohol on it.please find out what you are allergic to.

I scratched a mosquito bite, and it turned into a huge bruise?

Because of your severe scratch the dirt in your fingers made it infected. Apply any balm . Do not scratch.

Mosquito Bites, Why do mosquito's bite some people but not others?

Mosquitoes bite some people more than others mainly because of your blood - type. Peoples blood smells different to mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects. Scientists believe that your blood... Read More »

How can I tell the difference between a spider bite and a mosquito bite?

I live on the gulf coast of Texas, so I know a thing or two about mosquitoes and spiders. First all spiders are poisonous. Some just don't affect humans the way they do their prey. A mosquito bite ... Read More »