Mosquito Repellent Appliances?

Answer Mosquitoes and flying insects are a constant problem for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors. Mosquito repelling appliances are designed to alleviate the nuisance of flying insects by driving... Read More »

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Objectives of Mosquito Repellent?

Female mosquitoes require blood to develop and produce their eggs. They use their mouth parts or proboscis to suck blood. After a meal, they release saliva into the body of the host. People use mos... Read More »

How to Apply Mosquito Repellent?

Mosquitoes are much more than an itchy nuisance. Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as West Nile Virus, which at the least can make you ill and at the worst can kill you. Using mosquito repellent p... Read More »

Mosquito repellent help?

Jungle Formula is the best - you can buy it in Boots or any main pharmacy.It comes in different strengths so I suggest you go for the strongest (you're obviously like me - the mozzies love me too!)... Read More »

Mosquito Repellent Ideas?

Mosquitoes can leave behind a burning or itching welt and they are capable of carrying diseases like the west nile virus, encephalitis, malaria and yellow fever. For persons who are allergic to thi... Read More »