Mortal Kombat Dark Alliance Cheats?

Answer "Mortal Kombat: Dark Alliance," also known as "Deadly Alliance," is the fifth installment in the popular video game series. This Mortal Kombat picks up where Mortal Kombat 4 ends. After defeating t... Read More »

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How to Hit the Guys in the Pit 3 in "Mortal Kombat 3"?

"Mortal Kombat 3" was released as an arcade cabinet in 1995, with later home releases on the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and many other consoles. Each fighter has a large variety of fatalities, wh... Read More »

How to Play Mortal Kombat?

Ever wanted to know how to play Mortal Kombat? Well, here are some tips!

Can I update"Mortal Kombat"on a modded 360?

Going online with a modded (modified) Xbox 360 constitutes a violation of Xbox Live's terms of service. Xbox Live can detect a modded console, in which case Microsoft bans that console, forcing the... Read More »

What is the origin of Mortal Kombat?

The video game "Mortal Kombat" was created by Ed Boon and John Tobias for Midway and first released in arcades in 1992. It was noted for its controversial graphic and gory violence. It has spawned ... Read More »