Morning Sound Effects?

Answer The proper sound effects add authenticity and depth to any film, video game or stage production. Sound effects that set the stage for morning vary given the location of the scene, but generally sou... Read More »

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How sound effects plants?

Ah, yes. I had a science project on this. My conclusion was that music (sound) is only used to entertain humans (and maybe some animals). It had no effect on plants. Plant A (the control plant) was... Read More »

How To: Tardis Sound Effects?

The sound of the TARDIS materializing and de-materializing is one of the most distinctive and recognizable sound effects from the BBC television show "Doctor Who." Originally created using found ob... Read More »

Car Horn Sound Effects?

A car's voice is its horn. Most cars seem to sound exactly the same, but there are in fact many distinct horn sounds and effects. Using electronic car horns and after-market horn systems, people ca... Read More »

How do i get sound effects on my computer?

Hey CHairWizard, are you talking about the sound effects, like when you click on something it makes a sound or - where the time is (i think i have it ) you'll see little icons and mine has it, lol ... Read More »