More protection from hackers ?

Answer You are using a Super Protection!!Now what Do you want???It's the best Free protection one can have!!!!!!!!!!!Hope it Helps!!!------==========--------=

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Are Hackers ALL Bad?

Hackers in my opinion are good, in that they can enable software easier to install for people that have just started out with the likes of Linux, furthermore they are able to make software safer by... Read More »

Will this be ok now Hackers.....:(?

I had this!!! I went onto the help line and stopped the account so hackers couldn't get in! Then I just created a new one! It was ALL fine!Hope this helps!

Was this hackers?

zomg, at all the "IT WAS HACKERS!" posts. /me rolls eyes.I can sum up what happened in three words.Server Side DelayNo you were not hacked, the changes to the avatar were queued due to heavy server... Read More »

A question about hackers?