More financial aid from fafsa if i was homeless?

Answer Hi. I sympathize with your situation and am terribly sorry. I've been in homeless situations myself. Allow me to offer some wisdom:The only thing FAFSA cares about is you (if you worked in 20... Read More »

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Fafsa/Financial Aid?

Go to the fafsa website and correct your information. You will need your PIN and your parents pin to do it... but it is pretty simple.Good luck.

Help with financial aid (FAFSA) application!!?

You may have entered all the information, but did you actually hit the "Submit" button? It should have given you a conformation page with an EFC number and a conformation number on it. Sometimes ... Read More »

How do i apply for summer financial aid on fafsa?

Since you're pushing it, go to the FA office at the school you attend and get the FA Administrator to do this for you. I've found that you get a reply faster if you let the school process the appli... Read More »

How long does fafsa financial aid take to get approved.?

Here is a run-down of the FAFSA timeline:You will receive a response back from the processing center in approximately 2-3 weeks from the date that you file your FAFSA. This is called a Student Aid ... Read More »