Moral Dilemmas for Officers?

Answer A police officer works to ensure the safety of citizens by detaining offenders. Despite the amount of pride an officer feels in his service, he can still have an internal struggle about some of his... Read More »

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Ethical & Moral Dilemmas in the Classroom?

In addition to dwindling supplies, resources, and public support, teachers also face numerous ethical dilemmas in the classroom. Often, their own education and training leaves them ill-prepared to ... Read More »

What Are Moral Dilemmas in the Classroom?

Moral dilemmas can be used as an effective teaching tool to show kids the consequences of their actions and force students to make difficult decisions. Moral dilemmas are a great way to build your ... Read More »

Problems With Hypothetical Ethical & Moral Dilemmas?

A hypothetical moral dilemma is a common philosophical thought experiment. Typically, the hypothetical situation forces the subject to make a choice between two or more mutually exclusive alternati... Read More »

Does The secret service has uniformed officers as well as plainclothed officers?

Secret service agents dress appropriately for the situation.