Moral Development of Children in Early School Years?

Answer Children grow from morally ignorant babies to children who know right from wrong. The moral development of children is a complex process that involves experiences, cognitive processes and emotional... Read More »

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How to Teach Kohlberg's Moral Development to Children?

Harvard University professor Lawrence Kohlberg believes that a child's moral development follows a predictable pattern similar to her cognitive development. Contrary to popular thought, he argues t... Read More »

Fact Sheet: Moral Development in Children?

Parents may wonder when children begin to learn right from wrong. Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg are two psychologists well-known for their work studying morality in children. Kohlberg expanded ... Read More »

Activities to Support Children's Moral Development?

Education is not only about making students smart. Students also need to know how to use their knowledge to benefit the world around them. Being a good citizen and human being is part of the educat... Read More »

Does early schooling harm our children why i am asking this becoz a child development expert says ..?

I wouldn't say that early schooling harms children, but I will say that lacking quality early parenting harms children. To me, it is a shame that parents feel like they should stick their kids in s... Read More »