Moral Development of Children in Early School Years?

Answer Children grow from morally ignorant babies to children who know right from wrong. The moral development of children is a complex process that involves experiences, cognitive processes and emotional... Read More »

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Fact Sheet: Moral Development in Children?

Parents may wonder when children begin to learn right from wrong. Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg are two psychologists well-known for their work studying morality in children. Kohlberg expanded ... Read More »

How to Teach Kohlberg's Moral Development to Children?

Harvard University professor Lawrence Kohlberg believes that a child's moral development follows a predictable pattern similar to her cognitive development. Contrary to popular thought, he argues t... Read More »

Does early schooling harm our children why i am asking this becoz a child development expert says ..?

I wouldn't say that early schooling harms children, but I will say that lacking quality early parenting harms children. To me, it is a shame that parents feel like they should stick their kids in s... Read More »

Stages of Child Development for School Age Children?

Psychologist Erik Erikson is known for his findings on development throughout the life cycle. While physical and emotional development generally occurs in a sequence of changes and events, culture ... Read More »