Moped Types?

Answer Mopeds are street legal vehicles that provide a cost-efficient method of transportation. Due to their speed and power limitations, most mopeds are restricted from being driven on the highway, unles... Read More »

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How do I buy a moped?

Find out your state's laws regarding mopeds. States have different standards regarding the classification of mopeds as motorcycles. Generally, a moped has to be 50 cc or less.Plan how you are going... Read More »

How do I buy a moped in Ontario?

Mopeds are two-wheel motorized vehicles. In the U.S. the term "moped" is applied to motor scooters and motor-assisted bicycles alike. Ontario's motor vehicle law defines a moped as a limited speed ... Read More »

How do i lock a moped?

Purchase a tire lock from a motorcycle or scooter shop. Insert the key that comes with the lock into the lock to open it. Kneel down to the front tire of the scooter, and place the lock over the pl... Read More »

How to Ride a Moped?

Moped's are a very convenient way to get around a small to medium sized town, and are also fun to ride! They get great gas mileage, so they're also good for commuting.