Moon Ideas for a Science Project?

Answer If you are going to enter a project in your school's science fair, you might want to use an outer space theme. These tend to be a bit more interesting and impressive for the judges than the standar... Read More »

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A Science Project on the Phases of the Moon?

Looking up at the night sky there are typically two things to see; the moon and the stars. It is apparent that the moon goes through various phases based on the size and shape of the moon. Maybe no... Read More »

Science Project for the 8 Phases of the Moon?

Every month, the moon goes through eight syzygies, or phases, which are named after the amount of celestial light that you can see. The moon's cycle is called a "synodic period," which is completed... Read More »

How to Create a Science Project on the 8 Moon Phases?

The moon goes through eight phases. Some of the common names for the phases are full moon, half moon and crescent moon. By using a light bulb and foam balls, you can simulate the moon's various pha... Read More »

How to Create a 3-D Science Project on Eight Phases of the Moon?

Make your next science fair project stand out from the rest by creating a 3-D science project on the eight phases of the moon. With some research and careful planning, you can create a project that... Read More »