Monuments of the Pioneers?

Answer In the 19th century, many Americans moved to the Midwest, Great Plains and Western regions of the modern-day United States, hoping to carve out a new life for their families. While some pioneers ex... Read More »

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When did the pioneers eat tea cakes?

Tea cakes, or tea biscuits as they are referred to in Britain, are hard, sugar-cookie-type cakes that are usually served in conjunction with afternoon tea. The tea cake recipe was brought to Ameri... Read More »

Great Pioneers in History?

The word "pioneers" often conjures up ideas of the people who settled the American frontier in the 19th Century. But history is filled with pioneers of many kinds, people who explored not just new ... Read More »

Who were the early pioneers in vaccinations?

Some well-known pioneers: Louis Pasteur Pasteur wrote "the germs of microscopic organisms abound in the surface of all objects, in the air and in water." He figured out these microorganisms could b... Read More »

Who were the early pioneers of special education?

Special education refers to special academic services given to students of all ages who have written IEPs (individualized education plans). The special education services in today's public schools ... Read More »