Monuments in Guinea?

Answer Guinea, or the Republic of Guinea, is a nation located in West Africa. French is the dominant language and the country was formerly known as French Guinea. Guinea-Bissau is located to the north. Si... Read More »

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US Monuments?

The Antiquities Act of 1906 allows the President of the United States to designate national monuments with the goal of guarding "objects of historic or scientific interest." As of 2010, more than 1... Read More »

Prehistoric Monuments?

Before recorded history, ancient civilizations built structures that still stand to this day, making them prehistoric sites. Many of the prehistoric sites in Europe, United States and Asia date bac... Read More »

Monuments of Pyramids?

Throughout history and across the world, civilizations have erected pyramids for ceremonial and religious purposes, and as monuments and tombs for the deceased. Pyramids, structures with a square o... Read More »