Montessori teachers! In what order do you present letter sounds?

Answer The idea of introducing just a few letters at a time is so the child can learn them well. What you want to do is see how the child does with either 2 or 3 letters (I rarely, if ever, present 4 at ... Read More »

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How do I teach letter sounds in preschool?

When a child learns letter sounds, he begins down the road toward reading. Recognizing letters and understanding the sounds that they make will help him learn how to form words and later sound out ... Read More »

How to Learn to Read Letter Sounds?

Whether you are learning English as a second language or helping a child learn to read, letter sounds are essential to developing fluency in reading. You must learn how each letter sounds alone, as... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching the Sounds for Each Letter Using the Zoo?

Young children are often fascinated by animals, which is why teachers commonly use animals to teach the alphabet. Connecting something a child is interested in with learning makes the child more p... Read More »

Activities on Pronouncing Letter Sounds?

Letter pronunciation, also known as phonetics, is generally used in kindergarten to help children learn early reading skills. Phonetics also can be used in later grades when mastering blending soun... Read More »