Montessori activities for pre-school?

Answer A very easy math activity to put together would be what Montessori called Cards and Counters. Here is the lesson:Numeral Cards and CountersPurposes:To develop the ability to sequence numerals 1-10T... Read More »

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Montessori School Haptic Activities?

The Montessori educational method creates an environment for self-directed learning. Many Montessori methods include sensory activities, including those that focus on touch, known as haptic activit... Read More »

Is my montessori school a real montessori school?

I’m glad that you asked. The name Montessori is not copyrighted and so some people open up a “Montessori School” without the right training, materials, schedule and so on. To begin with, a r... Read More »

My daughter is entering 3rd grade.We are thinking of moving her from a public school to a Montessori School?

My son just started kindergarten at a montessori school and while I don't have much experience ~ just two weeks ~ I am so impressed. The first thing I noticed is that community feel among everyone... Read More »

Montessori Activities & Materials?

Montessori learning hinges on the theme of independence. Rather than dictate ideas, concepts and rules to children, the Montessori method has students working independently to solve problems and le... Read More »