Monster Drinking Challenge What will happen?

Answer Thats really dangerous. You're heartrate will go up really fast, you'll be jittery, and probably get really sweaty. A lot of teens have been hospitalized for doing stupid stuff like this. That's ho... Read More »

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What will happen if I drink a lo carb monster?

Nothing...? It's just the same as drinking a normal Monster. Unless you have heart problems, are pregnant, or have a sensitivity to caffeine, then nothing's going to happen to you.

What will happen if I drank 18 cups of coffee and 3 Monster Energy drinks?

You will probably receive a near toxic dose of caffeine. Not a good idea unless you want a ride in an ambulance.

What can happen to my parents if i host a party where there will be underage drinking?

They are responsible for providing alchohol to minorscontributing to dilinquerncy of a minorany driving and or accidents or violence that stems from that event

What could happen if I Drink Monster Energy Drinks?

Nothjng but drinking energy drinks does have side effects.the risks with over-consumption of energy drinks. This data was gathered from 7 years of calls the the Australian Poisons Center. Listed in... Read More »