Monroe vs. Gabriel Shocks?

Answer Choosing the right set of shocks for your vehicle can mean the difference between a smooth ride and one that leaves you wincing at the thought of the drive home. Both Monroe and Gabriel have a lon... Read More »

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How to Install Gabriel Shocks?

Gabriel brand shocks are considered upgrades to OEM (original manufacturer equipment) on most vehicles that utilize shocks on the rear of the vehicle. In fact, when you take your vehicle to a repai... Read More »

How to Install Gabriel Hi-Jacker Shocks?

Gabriel manufacturers shock absorbers, and one of their models is the Hi-Jacker. These are air shocks, which means that they have a bladder installed in the shock body that can be filled with air, ... Read More »

Monroe Shocks Specifications?

From its beginning in 1916 as a maker of tire pumps to its present day status as a major brand for automobile shock absorbers, Monroe is a leader in the aftermarket for automobile parts. Its decisi... Read More »

Specs on Monroe Shocks?

Monroe is a manufacturer of aftermarket automobile shocks and struts. As of early 2011, the company makes five different lines of shocks: Sensa-Trac, Reflex, Max-Air, Gas-Magnum Truck and Monroe-Ma... Read More »