Monoclinic Crystal System Mineral Types?

Answer Mineralogists use many methods to classify minerals, one of which is symmetry. The elements that make up a mineral are bonded in particular ways into the crystal lattice. The symmetry of a mineral ... Read More »

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What is a mineral watch crystal?

A mineral watch crystal is a watch crystal made of mineral glass, which is glass that has been tempered to make it harder. Watch crystals can also be made of plexiglass or synthetic sapphire.Refere... Read More »

What is a mineral glass crystal?

Mineral crystal is a type of glass that is scratch resistant. It is more scratch resistant than artificial glass such as Plexiglas, but not as scratch resistant as sapphire crystal. Mineral crysta... Read More »

Crystal Oscillator Types?

Vibrating crystals sound like a new-age gimmick, but they've been used since 1880, when French physicists Jacques and Pierre Curie discovered something called piezoelectricity. When certain hard su... Read More »

Types of Mineral Powder Makeup?

Mineral powder makeup appeals to women who want to wear cosmetics but prefer to use all-natural products without dyes, fragrances and other synthetic materials. Once sold only in hard-to-find niche... Read More »