Mono vs Stereo Mics for Film?

Answer in my opinion...It depends how much effort your are planning to go through with the sound design and foley during your editing process...It also depends how you are planning to connect the mono-sho... Read More »

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What's the difference between mono and stereo?

Assume there is an actor moving in a stage from left to right and you can hear his steps.In a mono recording, you can hear the steps but you don't know if he is moving left to right or right to lef... Read More »

How do you tell the difference between mono and stereo in 3.5mm plugs?

When looking at the plug you will either see two metal parts separated by a plastic band or three metal parts separated by two plastic bands. The plastic band is typically black in color however it... Read More »

How to Convert a Mono Movie to Stereo?

Mono sound on a movie's soundtrack means that its sound is running through one channel only, which can greatly reduce sound quality. Running your movie through an audio/video converter that support... Read More »

How to Turn Mono to Stereo in Ableton?

A stereo recording splits audio into two distinct channels, a left and a right. A mono recording, on the other hand, plays the same signal on both the left and right speakers. The only way to produ... Read More »