Monitor went all fuzzy and than hard drive wont connect to new monitor?

Answer Viruses affect only data on the disks. They will not make a monitor act crazy. The settings of the video card were changed to something too high or low for the old monitor, and unacceptable to th... Read More »

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How do i connect a PC hard drive to a tv, to act as a monitor ?

My monitor wont connect to my computer?

What computer? What OS? What monitor? What video system? What settings? What cable connection?

My computer, for some reason it wont connect to the monitor?

Have you hooked up the cable from the monitor to the laptop? Are you sure ALL the cables from the monitor are plugged in? Is the monitor ON? Are you using Windows or Mac? (if on Windows) what brand... Read More »

Can you use any hard drive with a Mac monitor?

With mini display ports on the iMac, Mac mini, MacBook and MacBook Pro, you can add on any external hard drive to connect to a Mac computer. If it has a cable, Mac computers have a port for it.Sour... Read More »