Monitor pc problem, urgent?

Answer owned a Samsung 24" for a few years the capacitor was going bad and the screen would flicker for 34 mins until the capacitor would hold enough power to have good flow, But that's not your problem... Read More »

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Why my monitor get green sometimes this problem is from monitor , VGA or Monitor cable ?

This often indicates a bad pin on the end of the vga cable. Sometimes the pin is bent or will push into the body of the connector when you try to insert it into the jack. Close examination will usu... Read More »

No monitor display ,monitor light is blinking,smps -cpu fan is ok. ram is also ok what will be the problem?

First remove your RAM and make switch on your system. If you can hear Beeps means your CPU , Motherboard , Power supply is working fine. If you do not get any beep after you remove RAM just check C... Read More »

URGENT: Is there a problem?

those pop-ups saying that you are infected (or something similar) are clear signs of spyware.if you'd click on pop-up it would ask you to buy some software to clean pop-ups, but believe me the soft... Read More »

What will be the price of old 15" color monitor its urgent?

If you need it asap and dont want to spend alot, try craigslist and see if you can find a used one for sale or ebay also - good luck!