Monitor keeps turning on and off?

Answer Same electronic device means nothing lol been finding that out with my phone, same type as and bought at same time as both parents, it's screwing up bad. Could be the connection to the video card, ... Read More »

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How come my monitor isn't turning on?

It may have given out (old age) and you need a new one. Have it looked at by a pro.

Why does my monitor keeps turning off?

1. In BIOS (when you FIRST turn on the computer) be sure to set the SLEEP method to S3. (S1 sometimes can put the monitor to sleep and not be able to wake from it with newer Windows.)2. You may ha... Read More »

My monitor keeps turning 'off', help?

Sounds like your Computer/Monitor is set to "Power Saving Mode" which means it is set to turn off after a certain amount of time if the computer is inactive (not in use) so to solve this you might ... Read More »

Why does my monitor keep turning off?

Your computer most likely has power saving turned on which will turn different devices off to save power, which personally i hate, so i turned my power saving settings to allow it to stay on.To do ... Read More »