Monitor help! Cables?

Answer Whether your graphics card handles two or three monitors is the issue here. Even though you may have more than two output ports on your graphics card, it's not a given that it can handle more than ... Read More »

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Can you connect both DVI and D-sub cables to the same monitor?

By D-sub, it is safe to assume that it will be a VGA connector on a high density 15 pin D connector. DVI is normally a digital video signal although it can also carry analog VGA signals as well. So... Read More »

Just bought new PC came with both VGA and DVI cables to monitor, which one I use?

In perceived quality, Vga and DVI look same. DVI however is better fas it offers high refresh rate and higher resolutions than VGA. DVI is also preferred for multi monitor setup.

How do I play PS2 on my PC monitor What cables do I need?

you cannot use a monitor. Buy a new tv. also if you buy games, be sure to use the price guide so that you know which games are worth what:

Are VGA monitor cables universal?

VGA monitor cables are universal, but there are different versions of these cables. They can come with male to male or male to female connections. As long as the two connection types match, the VGA... Read More »