Monitor blank?

Answer Thinks to try.1, make sure the vga cable is plugged in properly, take it out and check for broken or bent pins.Most modern monitors go to standby when there is no signal present.2, Make sure the vi... Read More »

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Why does my pc monitor keep going blank?

I dont know the answer to this, but, since we put a memory upgrade in my laptop 3 weeks ago mine keeps doing the same thing, most offputting isn't it?

My monitor automatically goes blank?

Basically you have a problem with the high power of the monitor...Monitors from the manufacturer have 3 years a lot of the time. There are authorized repair centers all over. Contact Sony. You a... Read More »

New monitor, blank screen?

Dear Techtoni...,Kindly I ask you to update the information about your pc's grafic card (brand/type/type name) and new monitor (brand/type/type name).Can the new monitor handle the resolution and r... Read More »

My dell monitor flashes on for a second and then goes blank. How do I fix it?

You cannot fix this. You need to get a new monitor. The backlight ias died, and there is no way to replace it. A new backlight costs more then a new monitor.