Monitor Question About Companys?

Answer I have never seen this company before. But I know that if you buy from tiger you will be able to return the product if it is crap, so it's your money and if oyu want to chance it go for it and let ... Read More »

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Multi Monitor How to question?

You can support 2 monitors on each of the two cards. If the MB HD 4250 video chipset will still work with the two video cards, then you could do six monitors.When Adrian says you cannot run the tw... Read More »

I have a question about my computer monitor.?

Time for a warranty claim.First, switch monitors with another computer. If the problem moves to the other computer, the monitor is at fault. Replace the monitorIf it stays with the computer, the ... Read More »

Monitor Resolution Question?

Monitors have a native resolution. This is the highest resolution the monitor is capable of. Anything lower will make the picture blurry.So what you do is run the monitor at the highesr resolution ... Read More »

Dual monitor question ?

The simplest way is to connect your monitor to the second video port, revert the settings back to the other (the same way you did it the first time) and reboot, plugging the monitor back where it b... Read More »