Money im 17 years old with out a penny?

Answer What do my parents need to do to let me be adopted by my aunt and uncle at sixteen

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How much money is a 1934 wheat penny worth?

The wheat penny was made between the years 1909 and 1958. It has a picture of Lincoln on the front and wheat on the back. Depending on the quality, and whether it has a D mint mark, a 1934 wheat pe... Read More »

How to Burst a Balloon With a Penny?

Maybe someone out there can comment on the physics behind this.

How do I clean a penny with lemon and juice salt?

Preparing PenniesMix 1 cup of lemon juice with 1 tsp. of salt in a plastic or glass bowl. Stir the mixture until the salt is dissolved. Put the pennies into the solution.Shining the PenniesKeep the... Read More »

Can a person who is 16 years old move in with a sibling that is 19 years old?

You must realize you were the same as your little sister at her age. You may not think you weren't annoying, but most young children are. She is simply growing up and experimenting with her own per... Read More »