Money for first in family to go to university?

Answer Without scholarships other than getting a student loan, going to a university may be troublesome. Financial Aid is available at most all schools, but they wont pay for a whole lot. Your best bet mi... Read More »

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What university is the ABC family tv show Greek based on?

Ohio University in Ohio. If you look up a map of Ohio, you will find that the fake university known as "Cyprus Rhodes" in Greek is in the exact spot of where Ohio University is, Athens, Ohio. OU is... Read More »

How to Make Money at a University?

Making money at University can be a nightmare especially when work and partying means you can't commit to regular hours at the local McDonalds. But, there are many ways to make money and utilise yo... Read More »

Do you get money back from your University for graduating within so many hours?

No, the whole point is graduating with the exact number of hours. If you have more attempted, it just means that you failed or dropped out. They are not going to pay you to do something that you ar... Read More »

Does FAFSA provide more money if you are attending a private university?

FAFSA does not award you money, they only process the data on the form to determine the EFC. Each school awards you the financial aid they have to offer depending on the aid programs they particip... Read More »