Moms...if you could choose to have a dynamite body or an extra $200 a month, which would you choose?

Answer Extra money. Then could pay off bills easier, save more for our kids' college funds and have some fun in the process :)Exterior beauty fades. The pretty dynamite body would not be so dynamite at ... Read More »

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If you had to choose between a hotdog, hamburger or hotwings what would you choose and why would you choose it?

Though i don't agree with how the chicken is slaughtered and what it goes through to end up in front of me. i Love chicken, chicken wings would be my absolute favorite. when chicken wings aren't av... Read More »

How to Choose and Install an Extra Memory Into a Desk Top Computer?

When you feel your computer system responds slowly and sluggishly as you run more software or play games, then you may need to upgrade your computer by adding extra RAM (Random Access Memory). It i... Read More »

How to Choose Your Own Body Wash?

Sometimes, you need a good body wash to hydrate, clean, or soften your body correctly, huh? The problem is, how to choose one?

How to Choose Body Wash?

Taking a hot shower at the end of a long day is a relaxing way to unwind. Chances are that you use some type of body wash in the shower. However, choosing a body wash isn’t as simple as walking i... Read More »