Moms, what would you do with income your baby made?

Answer I would save the bulk, but skim off some for anything that looked like a good investment, so to speak, for the child. Theatre tickets, swimming lessons, those sorts of good-childhood fripperies.

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How many moms out there let their baby cry it out?

First, you have to do what you are comfortable with. If you aren't okay with it, don't do it.Me personally, as my babies got older, CIO was something that I did sorta. I don't remember exact ages... Read More »

Moms, have you ever given your baby a hug?

Sometimes when i carry my daugher I have the urge to just squeeze her leg chub its just so squishy and cute. And i do give her big hugs. Its so cute cause now she hugs back. she puts her arms aroun... Read More »

Moms, do you eat like a baby?

LOL! I thought I was the only one!! I have been doing this for the past 10 years b/c I have always had a lil baby that I had to do these things for! Also, I don't think I have been able to eat, ... Read More »

Moms-If we had a Y/A Baby get together or party- Would you come And where is everyone from?

I think I would come. I would love to meet everyone! We all spend so much time on here and get a little peak into everyone's lives. I am in Ohio btw!