Moms having surgery tuesday im very scared :'(?

Answer Ther shouldn't be anything to worry about u sed it yourself her surgeon is very good, it's normal to be scared any son or daughter would be. It's nice that your praying tho keep it up, god is alway... Read More »

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I am soo scared for tuesday...........?

Honey I WOULD NEVER avoid you because of anything you may do. You are a beautiful girl and no one should ever avoid you because of anything, please know I am not like that, I am not a fake person a... Read More »

What do you do if your scared to go to home moms house because of fighting and the court won't help you?

Open heart surgery scared!!?

Open heart does suck. They will give you medication that will relax you and make you forgetful hours before the surgery. You won't remember much from that point on until you wake up in the ICU. The... Read More »

I saw the video for strabismus eye surgery and now I am really scared what can I do?

I have no idea what that is and they're not my eyes and I"M shiitting myself now!!((((Dr House))))Are you OK???Cause it sounded terrible!! My cousin had that surgery done (I didn't know it had a lo... Read More »