Moms having surgery tuesday im very scared :'(?

Answer Ther shouldn't be anything to worry about u sed it yourself her surgeon is very good, it's normal to be scared any son or daughter would be. It's nice that your praying tho keep it up, god is alway... Read More »

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Having a blood test for the first tiem. Very scared, will it hurt. Really hate needles?

It feels like a mild pinch by someone with long fingernails . . .not too much pain at all . .my advice . . .if you're squeamish, don't look at the needle, and don't watch the blood coming out . . .... Read More »

I am soo scared for tuesday...........?

Honey I WOULD NEVER avoid you because of anything you may do. You are a beautiful girl and no one should ever avoid you because of anything, please know I am not like that, I am not a fake person a... Read More »

I am having a lung biopsy Tuesday, I could use some support?

Brandy, it's funny you came along just now - I'm actually going in to schedule surgery on Tuesday my own self. Mine's a little less exciting - moving a nerve around in my elbow so my hand starts wo... Read More »

What do you do if your scared to go to home moms house because of fighting and the court won't help you?