Moms.... Periods!!?

Answer Okay, it depends on how you feel comfortable learning. I started using them when I was 13 and I just figured it out reading the directions in the package because I was to embarrassed to ask for hel... Read More »

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Pains in my lower right hand side . periods late but past two months always get pain when due periods?

You sound pregnant, my dear :) If there is no infection or muscle problems then it can very well be pregnancy pains (Fingers crossed and good luck!)

I am on my periods and I am having cramps everyday during my periods?

Get some rest. What ever you're doing, its probably causing it. sometimes the cramps hurt so bad they're paralyzing. so, make sure you're not doing anything that strains a lot of muscles. like exer... Read More »

Pregger moms and newborn moms (about avatars..must see)?

Breast feeding moms- why do u criticize moms who formula feed?

I've been breastfeeding my son for 9 months and I don't believe I've ever given anyone a guilt trip for formula feeding. As for those breastfeeding mom's that do....ignore them! Believe it or not, ... Read More »