Mommas... it's poll time :) 5 questions about your babies + fun?

Answer I have 1 daughterI want 8 childrenI did except for the last monthmy one and only so far is 6 monthsShes rocking on all 4s and army crawling and I bet will be crawling any day!!

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Mommas, can I tell you what I think of your babies?

Awww Em she's so beautiful, she really is!!Here's Caleb at birth…Here he is at 4 months…And 6 monthshttp://s115.p... Read More »

Baby Poll:Fun Questions Only?

1. How old is your baby?My youngest is seven months old. My oldest is six years old, and he's still my baby, but don't tell him I said that.2. Where is your baby right now?Asleep on Dad's lap3. Ho... Read More »

POLL: Do you want to take a fun survey (13 questions)?

1) Two New Jersey hunters are out in the woods. Suddenly, one of them falls to the ground, and his eye's roll back. The other one freaks out, dials 911, and says, "Help, my friend is dead! What do ... Read More »

Wrong Turn poll (some (four) questions inside)?

1. 1, 2, 4, 3, 52. They are all guilty pleasures, I only 'liked' the first one because it was intense without being excessively gory. 2 had a good premise but even the gore was over the top then.3.... Read More »