Mom forcing me to perm my hair?

Answer There are many other things you could do with your hair to make it look better other then a perm, maybe just a new cut style would make it look better, you need to tell your mum its your hair and i... Read More »

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How to Prevent Hair Loss After a Hair Perm?

Perms are a great way to turn flat hair into curls without agonizing over a curling iron and a can of hairspray every day. Unfortunately, perms can be very damaging to hair. Perms are created by us... Read More »

How to Perm Hair?

Some folks have the grueling task of dealing with lifeless, limp hair. One solution to remedy the problem is to perm the hair. It will add body and of course curl to the hair. Make a statement with... Read More »

How to Perm Hair?

A permanent wave, also known as a perm, is a chemical hair treatment that can straighten or add curl to your hair. Every perm has two parts: the physical wrapping of the hair and the chemical proce... Read More »

Hair Perm Techniques?

Perming, which is short for permanent weave, is a way to get hair to cooperate and do something it is not naturally prone to do through chemically altering the structure of the hair. There are a ha... Read More »