Molds for Making Bath-Size Soap?

Answer When choosing a mold for homemade soap, the options are endless. Whether you use something you found around the house, or purchase fancy molds from a boutique, your homemade soap will be the talk o... Read More »

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Can you use Jell-o Jiggles molds for soap molds?

While not intended for soap molds, Jell-o Jiggler molds can be used for soap molds. Just make sure if you re-use them to make Jell-o treats that the molds are thoroughly and safely cleaned.Source:K... Read More »

How to Make Soap Molds?

Making soap is a hobby that is both a pleasant diversion and one that can potentially make you money. In order to make soap, however, you must have a mold in which to pour the liquid soap so that i... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Hot Process Soap Molds?

Resorts and hotels have fancy eye-catching soaps, neatly wrapped, sitting on the sink for you to use during your stay. These little soaps can make a charming addition to bathroom decor and are just... Read More »

About Bath Soap?

True bath soaps are more difficult to find than you may think. Modern commercial products that are commonly referred to as bath soaps are generally made from detergents and soaps that have been tre... Read More »