Molding Gel & Acrylic Techniques?

Answer Artists use molding gels to achieve texture in their artwork. Gels come in varying thicknesses, ranging from soft to a high solid viscosity. The heavier gels hold soft peaks; impressions in the gel... Read More »

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Glass Molding Techniques?

The art of glass making is complex. Shaping glass requires glassblowing, drawing or molding techniques. Glass is made of chemicals such as sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate and quartz. Glass has ... Read More »

Acrylic Furniture Painting Techniques?

Because acrylic furniture has a slick texture, many amateur painters have a difficult time painting it without leaving dried, unattractive brushstrokes in the finish. If you are an experienced pain... Read More »

Painting Techniques: Interference With Acrylic Paints?

Interference acrylic paints are translucent and use suspended mica flakes. Sometimes the flakes, which can be either coarse or fine, are coated with titanium. Because the mica flakes refract light,... Read More »

Homemade Plaster Molding and Ceiling Molding?

Homemade plaster molding or ceiling molding requires that you construct a mold. The mold can either be one for pouring or one where the plaster will manually be placed on a wall to match the existi... Read More »