Modern Physics, Classical Physics & Their Branches?

Answer Physics primarily describes the relationship and interactions between energy and matter. The science has developed to explain the fundamental workings and structure of the universe and all matter c... Read More »

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How to Understand Classical Physics?

Physics at workThere are five main steps to understanding the science of basic physics: mechanics, electromagnetism, waves, optics, and heat. Each of these areas are based around a number of laws d... Read More »

Branches of physics and their definition?

Classical Physics Classical Mechanics (Newtonian Mechanics)- study of motion and forces. Electromagnitism- Study of electricity and magnetism. Statistical Mechanics- Study of theoretical predicti... Read More »

How to Learn Classical Mechanics (Physics)?

Classical Mechanics-an easily confused territory, but do you know, it is the most interesting topic in physics because it is not at all formula dependent. Believe it or not: All Mechanics (Classica... Read More »

How to Go to Physics College if You Didn't Have Physics in High School?

Physics is science based on logic and common sense and High School Physics does not require a great deal of external help/advanced expertise to understand. But how universities are going to know wh... Read More »