Modern Fighter Technology & Tactics?

Answer Jet fighters, sometimes called interceptors, frequently represent the cutting edge of military aviation technology. While bombers are designed to deliver a maximum of ordnance to ground-based targe... Read More »

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Despite the fact that war tactics and technology have changed since the American Revolution can any parallels be made between the minutemen and those who serve in the military today?

No, it must be appealed to the C.O. of the military branch (i.e.: The Pentagon) you were discharged from.The above answer is incorrect. Former members can apply to have their characterization of se... Read More »

About Modern Technology?

Most people in the developed world live in an environment that is totally dominated by and interwoven with modern technology. We live in centrally heated houses that incorporate many high-tech mate... Read More »

Modern Technology & Society?

Since humans first discovered fire and built the wheel, technology and society have been permanently intertwined. Modern technology plays some part in medicine, agriculture, communications, transpo... Read More »

Modern Technology Inventions?

The last few decades have seen a number of revolutionary inventions in technology. Many people would find it hard to imagine a world without these advances, as they have become incorporated into da... Read More »