Modem problem Help.... when i plug in my usb modem usb manager shows no device ?

Answer Check the modem on a second computer to see if it is okay.. How to trouble shoot and fix your Wireless and wired internet connection.… Read More »

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My DVD/CD-ROM drive is not working. When I go to device manager it shows a yellow exalmation point next it. =(?

the driver for your dvd rom is missingyou need to reinstall a driver either from compaq's package which you can download online or get a driver from windows by allowing the computer to search onlin... Read More »

Is an iMac AirPort modem different than the internal modem?

Yes. An AirPort card allows a Mac computer to network wirelessly with other computers and access the Internet in any building that receives wi-fi. An internal modem is a means of dialing into the I... Read More »

Is the Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem a wireless modem?

Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem is a software driver for a dial-up modem. If you do not connect to the Internet with a dial-up phone connection, you can remove this ... Read More »

Does it help to turn off your modem off when going on Holidays?

You should turn off all your power strips along with the modem. You'd be surprised at how much energy is used by gadgets & gizmo's just waiting for something to get plugged into them... cell phone ... Read More »