Modem Error 720 & Vista?

Answer Modem error 720 results from a failed dial-up connection attempt in Windows Vista. It indicates that Vista is unable to negotiate a common protocol between your computer and the service you are co... Read More »

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How to Use Your Old DSL Modem With Windows Vista?

DSL--or Digital Subscriber Line--Internet is still a commonly-used technology for accessing the Internet. As DSL technology has evolved, it has become easier to use with home computers regardless o... Read More »

How Do I Remove a Fax Modem on Vista?

Driver RemovalClick "Start" and select "Control Panel." Click on "Hardware and Sound." Select "Device Manager." Click on the "+" symbol next to "Modems." Right-click on your fax modem and select "U... Read More »

How to Get a Faster Connection With a 56K Modem With Vista?

A 56K modem is a device that uses your phone line to connect to the Internet. It operates at 54 kilobytes per second. Oftentimes, your 56K modem may not operate at its fullest speed, causing notice... Read More »

How to Fix a DNS Error in Vista?

Domain Name Service (DNS) resolves a website's name into the actual physical address. These numerical addresses are stored into a memory cache. This can help webpages load quickly, as the computer ... Read More »